Injury Rehab

Designed to meet your specific requirements either for repetitive chronic pain or absence from sport or work as a result of a musculoskeletal injuries, the programme is delivered using a bio-psychosocial approach encompassing all aspects of your life. The aim is to understand both the mechanical limitation imposed by your injury, and also your underlying attitudes, beliefs and social influences that may be contributing factors in delaying you return to competitive sport or work.

The programme comprises of a comprehensive assessment to understand bio-psychosocial factors that may be present.  Following your assessment a bespoke psychological rehabilitation programme is designed specifically you. Cognitive behaviour therapy forms a significant part of the delivery, challenging you in relation to your attitudes and beliefs around your injury and pain management, informing you how these can impact on your recovery.

Throughout the programme, which normally lasts for 6-8 sessions, reviews are carried out of your progress in relation to your rehabilitation goals and objectives. Adherence is a key factor as doing too much or little can equally slow progress. The education process embedded within the programme empowers you to manage your injury allowing you a sustainable return to sport or work and in most cases, back to full normal duties.