It is commonly accepted that winning the mental side of sport is as essential as the physical side. Numerous top athletes say this makes the difference between winning and losing.

Using experience gained with many Olympic and professional athletes, we can develop some of the key areas of mental performance, which ultimately leads to better performance.
Using a cognitive behavioral framework we can:

  • identify appropriate goals (outcome, performance and process goals)
  • identify and resolve issues holding you back
  • allow you induce an optimum state before and during performance
  • mentally rehearse the processes needed to achieve a successful outcome
  • identify the difference that makes the difference

These solutions, because they are intrinsic to you are more likely to succeed and endure than solutions imposed externally. Performance coaching is driven by you, focusing on areas of performance or well-being that you may want to further develop.

My role is to ensure that the agreed plan is achieved within the resources available. Progress is monitored and adjustments made, along with a debrief meeting at the end to evaluate successes and lessons learned. Each plan is therefore unique with the introductory session being a very important part of establishing the process.